Would you wedgie me?

Hello. If you took this quiz because of the title, or you really want to know, good. I have been dreaming of getting wedgied, but whatever you do, don't meet me anywhere.

Would you wedgie me...

Created by: WedgieMonster

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If I had panties and really liked to be wedgied?
  2. If I had embarrassing panties on?
  3. If I was in a wedgie already?
  4. If I wanted to be spanked along with my wedgie?
  5. If I wanted to be naked with my wedgie?
  6. If I gave you a rope?
  7. If I was skinny?
  8. If I was a female?
  9. If I had tight shorts and panties on?
  10. If I said I needed it?
  11. If I said I wedgie myself?

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