What Alignment Do You Fall Under?

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Every character, whether real or fake, has some sort of alignment. Good, evil, neutral; these are the basic three kinds of people you can run into. The question is, what category would you fall under?

Take this quiz, whether you are bored or genuinely curious, to find out what side you are closest to. You might find out that you aren't as you believed you were.

Created by: Dark22978

  1. Of the following colors, which pleases you?
  2. Of the following accessories, what strikes your fancy?
  3. Which would you consider yourself to fall under in terms of metaphorical speaking; light, dark, or neither?
  4. If someone attempted to pick a fight with you, what would your reaction be?
  5. Do people believe you're a pretty enjoyable person?
  6. Are you devoted to a particular cause?
  7. Do you believe in, trust, or rely on others for support?
  8. Would you put friends before yourself?
  9. Truthfully, would you consider yourself biased?
  10. What kind of a world or society would you like to see?

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Quiz topic: What Alignment do I Fall Under?