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    ""I like to think of them as worms, because they're more culturally correct, not that you know how society works." if you can at"
  • Refresh the Forums?
    "Everyone post *__* into a forum from 3 years ago or more to bring it to the top and see if the stats increase!!!!!!!!!!..."
  • "Noble goal, but you're 10,000 posts behind some guy's "My Thread" thread. ..."
  • I Have A Theory...
    "I'm not a raging 12 year old, but you should keep this to the ballroom or something. Not the wine cellar."
  • "Ideas: Trump (if he makes it, but he has dwindling support) M. McConnell R. Paul T. Cruz B. Carson M. R"
  • "The resistance"
    "liberals want gun control trump gets elected liberals riot liberals get gun control due to riots master plan "
  • I have something to say
    "*reads rant* *claps*"
  • god is dead
    "Roman Catholic"
  • Gun Laws
    "If anyone wants to kill children, will he really respect the laws pertaining to guns? I am worried that we will put too much restrictions up..."

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