Do you get it? Part 1

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you probably have some sort of a life or something...whatever that is. no matter, don't let that get in the way of your inner internet! finish the quiz

now i have to fill a bunch of characters so....I guess I'll just keep typing for a bit... they don't like repeated text, which stinks... ah, here we go!

Created by: some guy online

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  1. So FLY...
  2. Two bros, _______ in a hot tub, sittin' five feet apart cuz they're not gay!
  3. So my house is big, yeah it's _______ feet high!
  4. WHERE'S MY _________ SUIT!
  5. Doritos aaand...
  6. Expecto....
  7. So far, do you get it? (counts)
  8. "I get the reference!" comes from...
  10. Who messed up that Oscar award?
  11. who toucha my ________
  12. ...
  13. according to some kid, when a celeb goes into the stands at the Super Bowl to you, you should:
  14. lastly, the most interesting thing about trump:

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Quiz topic: Do I get it? Part 1