Do you (really) Know the Civil War?

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This is a quiz about the civil war, which, on the cover, seems like a black-and-white tale of good vs evil. However, there is more to this war than meets the eye...

Now, do you think you can score more than 40%? Because I highly doubt it. Seriously. I doubt it. This is very politically incorrect to be factually correct.

Created by: Confederate

  1. Who were the two presidents at the time?
  2. Why did the war start?
  3. Where was the first battle?
  4. Who called slavery a 'political and moral evil'?
  5. Who explicitly stated that he wanted a 'Free, white nation'?
  6. Who started the war?
  7. Which country offered a state to the Native Americans?
  8. What percentage of the South owned slaves?
  9. Which country used churches as target practice and used them to keep horses in?
  10. Which president was called 'two-faced'?
  11. What do the stars on the Confederate Flag stand for?

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