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There are many smart civil lawyers, but few true geniuses. A genius is someone having a super mind, ability to solve complex problems using an entirely novel perspective.

Are YOU a legal genius. Well, you surely do have the brainpower to qualify you for that prestigious title. In the meanwhile, here's the word of the day. Pacta Sunt Servanda Pacta sunt servanda (Latin for "agreements must be kept"), a brocard, is a basic principle of civil law, canon law, and international law.

Created by: Anil of Satyagraha
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  1. Which of the following guides the parties in the matter of leading evidence?
  2. Court has the power to
  3. One issue should cover
  4. Can the Court dispose the suit in the first hearing?
  5. Order XVI of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, deals with -
  6. Judgement on admission can be given, under -
  7. Any party, may, by notice in writing, at any time but not later than __________ , before the day fixed for the hearing, call on any other party of the suit only, any specific fact or facts, mentioned in such notice.
  8. Order IX of the Code of Civil procedure, deals with
  9. In a civil suit, can the defendant set up a counter claim in addition to his claim for set-off?
  10. Order 8 Rule 6 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, deals with

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