"The resistance"

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Thread Topic: "The resistance"

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    d_h Advanced
    ever since Trump has been elected there has been constant riots made up of primarily liberals Vandalizing property and attacking police officers All because a Republican known trump is in office.

    Absolutely pathetic.
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    RelevantNerdist Advanced
    damn liberals
  • Deadlock Novice

    Pathetic isnt enough to describe them, and honestly, I dont think a word exists that can describe them. What they are doing is An Embarrassment to our Country.

    When America Was just a fledgling nation and John Adams was elected President he Asked for Thomas Jefferson to be his Vice President. And you know what? Both were in different political parties, and you know what else? Both did a fan F***ing Tastic job Running our country, and my Question is... what happend? What the Genuine F*** Happend? George Washington left office for fear he would become corrupt. John Adams allied with the enemy, people would politely debate with each other rather than threaten each other. So what the Hell Happend? Know there are Attacks, and shootings, and riots, every week. Back then there wasnt very much crime at all. So Ill ask one more time, what happend?
  • Confederate Novice
    liberals want gun control
    trump gets elected
    liberals riot
    liberals get gun control due to riots

    master plan exposed
  • Deadlock Novice

    You have blown my mind with your genius...

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