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  • Captain Marvel
    "I'll Admit That The Begining Was Boring, But I Thought It got way Better By The End. And I'm Glad To Know You Thought It Was H"
  • Captain Marvel
    "How Was It?"
  • Deadlock's Thread
    "Who Do You Think Would Win In A Fight? Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) Or Darkseid (Uxas)"
  • Nyah nyah~ owo
  • War of worlds
    "Nathan Paused For A Moment And Lowered His Head. *I Knew That...* Nathan Informed As He Spun Around In The Opposite Direction. *I Was Clearl..."
  • Deadlock's Thread
    "Matt Reeves Batman Movies Is Offically Confirmed For 2021."
  • War of worlds
    "*What Is It?* Nathan Asked."
  • War of worlds
    "*And To Get Out Of The City We Go...* Nathan Pasued As He Looked Down Both Sides Lf The Tunnel. *This Way?* Nathan Continued As He Pointed T..."
  • Avengers: Endgame
    "The Super Bowl TV Stop Was Perfect! Not Us!"
  • Deadlock's Thread
    "Marvel TV Spots From The Super Bowl! YES!"
  • War of worlds
    "*Alright So Where Is This Bunker Your Talking About?* Nathan Asked."
  • where does everyone live?
    "The Middle Of Knowhere."
  • 1 word story
  • War of worlds
    "*Until The Aliens Figure Out People Actually Come Down Here. You Know For Highly Intelligent Beings They Sure Are Stupid As Hell...* Nathan ..."
  • War of worlds
    "(I Know, It Was A Joke.) *Yes, But I'd Really Rather Not Get Eaten By Some Mutant Rat. Or A Hobo Living Down Here...* Nathan Informed."

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