Do You Know More Marvel Or DC?

So, Do You Really Know Marvel And/Or DC Comics? Well Now's Your Chance To Find Out! In My Super Duper s---ty Quiz That I Made In Less Than Five Minutes...

No Seariously I Was Just Bored... So Bored I Didn't Care Enough To Make This Long At All. The Questions Are Good Though! Maybe... They Sounded Pretty Good To Me...

Created by: Deadlock

  1. Let’s Start It Off Easy... Which Superheroes Formed The Very FIRST Avengers Team From The COMICS...
  2. Now For A DC Question, Who Were The ORIGINAL 7 Members Of The Justice League?
  3. About Something More Challenging? Exactly How Many Robins Are There?
  4. In The Infinity Saga Comic Series, Who Was It That Defeated Thanos?
  5. Which Robin Was Voted To Be Killed In The Death In The Family Comic Series? (You Sick B*stards...)
  6. In Which World War Did Wolverine Fight In?
  7. Who Was The First Blue Beetle?
  8. Why Did Odin Create The Stormbreaker Weapon In The COMICS?
  9. In The Justice League Unlimited Cartoon, Who Is REALLY The World's Greatest Detective?
  10. When Kingpin, AKA Wilson Fisk, was First Created Who Did He Usually Battle?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know More Marvel Or DC?