How Good Do You Know Deadpool

How Can Somebody Be A Genius If They Haven't Taken A Marvel Comics Quiz? Well, Today Is The Day You Will Find Out Some Amazing Things About A Person I Know And Love, Deadpool.

If You Are A Genius, Then You Need To Take My Quiz About My Favorite Marvel Comics Character, Deadpool. I Really Hope You Enjoy My Test And Start Loving Deadpool, Too. It Would Mean The World To Me!

Created by: Caleb
  1. What Is Deadpool's Name?
  2. What Are Deadpool's Powers?
  3. Do The X-Men Hate Deadpool?
  4. Was Deadpool Threatened And Bullied As A Child?
  5. What Was The Only Thing That Stayed With Deadpool After He Got His Powers?
  6. What Is Deadpool's Favorite Food?
  7. Who Was Deadpool's Old Sidekick?
  8. What Kind Of Weaponry Does Deadpool Have?
  9. Has Deadpool Ever Had A Bad Idea?
  10. Is Deadpool Awesome?

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