DC Comics quiz test 2015

Here you will know how much you know about DC COMICS. Some questions are easy but some are ridiculously hard, I will even ask you when Batman's birthday is, also who dropped plastic man into chemicals which gave him his powers.

I'm trying to see who knows DC a lot, but if you love marvel more you may as well get off my quiz,also who do you believe will win batman or superman, I would solely believe in batman but that would be racism

Created by: Oliver Queen
  1. In the game Injustice:Gods Among us, why did superman take over the world
  2. There are now four games in the Arkham series,name the correct titles
  3. Which space sector is hal jordan assigned to
  4. Which robin does the joker kill
  5. Who is the reverse flash
  6. Who inspired barry allen to become the flash
  7. Where did the character shazam come from
  8. To who was batman wed to in Earth Two
  9. Describe the ring supes was married with
  10. Who has the ability to to shoot lasers that can turn
  11. Which superman enemies took the form of one body
  12. Who dropped Patrick O Brian in a vat of chemicals that made him plastic man
  13. When is batman's birthday
  14. When was the year batman was made

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