Which Justice League member are you?

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This Is My Justice League Quiz. Just for you 3 D.C. fans that remain, after Superman's Mustache Fail and The Infinity War Trailers. These Questions will be for the New Version Of The Justice League.

Sorry to all you Die Hard D.C. Fans. But if you do like my quiz (by the grace of god) feel free to tell all your friends, because I'm a filthy self promoter.

Created by: Deadlock
  1. Which Superpower would you like to have?
  2. When Confronted with Killing your Enemy, what would you Do?
  3. How Would You Describe yourself?
  4. What Is Your Weapon of Choice?
  5. What Do You Value Most?
  6. What Do You Do to Prepare for a Fight?
  7. Which D.C. Villain Do You Hate The Most?
  8. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  9. What Is your favorite Job?
  10. What Do Other People See you As?

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Quiz topic: Which Justice League member am I?