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  • "Vivian typed, pausing when Oliver stopped. ``If you don't feel comfortable talking about it, I get it. It is a pretty touchy subject.``"
  • AU RP Anyone?
    "Ross smiled against the kiss, leaning closer to Jessie. Everything seemed to disappear until it was just him and Jessie."
  • Neighboring Enemies.
    "Aiden chuckled, hovering in the water as he watched Julia with a smile. God, she's too adorable- F--k, stop thinking things like that!..."
  • Spice!
    "``Nice,`` Ross said with a chuckle, grabbing the candy bar. He opened up the wrapper, taking a bite."
  • Spice Rack 2
    "u^u i have like, half the chapter done. i honestly don't know what to put next lol"
  • Elly!!
    "``Babe, please tell me,`` Ross said, hugging Alina close. ``I want to help you, but I need to know what's wrong to be able to do that. It hu..."
  • Bye L'manburg
    ":D feelin a tad lonely, but overall, doing okay. miss my friend. hope i get to see him tomorrow :3 i jus"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "bro, it's gonna be so g o o d :D also, could thou reply to thyne RPs?"
  • Spice Rack 2
  • Spice Rack 2
    "hm, i could do wilbur again. or, maybe like, i could do a SMP based one? idrk. uh, maybe like- ooh what if i did lik"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "ooh, nice :3"
  • "y e s kinda feel like crap rn. miss my friend. welp, it's fine. i'll see him tomorrow. :3"
  • Elly!!
    "Ross nodded, fully getting what she meant. ``I get that,`` he said, rubbing her back. ``I struggle with major anxiety, so I can help you if ..."
  • How old are you all?
  • "I'm b o r e d lol"

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