My Shout-Out Quiz!(Updated)

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This is my new and improved shout-out quiz! I hope you enjoy it. I love chu all; don't forget that. Also the pic for this quiz is random but I love it so much XD


Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. ♡ Ok so I've been here for approximately 2 months and I wanted to update this :) grabs some snacks and let's begin ♡
  2. ♡ The first shout-out goes to Lies ^^ I don't get to see much of you anymore but ily tons, you're a kind, funny person that I absolutely love to be around <3 never stop being amazing
  3. ♡ The next goes out to Elly! You're such an amazing friend and I love talking to you. I'm so glad I have you ^^
  4. ♡ The next is for June :> I can always trust you and talk to you, and ask you for help when I'm in a crisis. You're such an amazing friend to me and you're also very funny and fun to be around!
  5. ♡ This one's for Bry, you're awesome(and strange, in the best way) and dependable and funny and I love chatting with you, it always makes me laugh(not at you, it's bc you're funny! I just want to make sure you know that uwu)
  6. ♡ Now for Epsi! I love talking to you so much, and you're such a great friend, even though we've had our rough spots. Thanks for being there for me!
  7. ♡ For the lovely Angel! You have your hard times and I'm so touched that you come to me for comfort and advice- I really hope that I help when I do that. You're awesome and fun and I love you for it <3
  8. ♡ Spoce! You're awesome, don't forget that. You're hilarious and fun, and even though we don't get to chat too much, I still love you tons :> you're such a great friend
  9. ♡ Now for Kris :) You're fun and kind, and a good friend. I love RPing with chu and talking with you as well ^^
  10. ♡ This shout-out goes to Cats! We've had our rough spots, but through it all you're a great friend and I love chatting with you :> also I'm really sorry for kissing Epsi bc of that dare
  11. ♡ Tat :) we don't talk as much either but you're still very cool and I love RPing with you <3 stay awesome
  12. ♡ Sun! I haven't really seen you in a while, but you're totally awesome sauce and you're very funny :> I miss when we chatted every day
  13. ♡ Mika! You're chill but can be really wild and fun, which I love <3 you're a good friend and fun to talk to
  14. ♡ Yuuki :) you're fun and kind, and I love to RP and chat with you. Thanks for the cuddles :>
  15. ♡ Milk ^^ you is amazing and I love to talk to you. I hope things are better at your new school and I hope that you'll be happy <3
  16. ♡ Hannah :) we haven't talked much yet bc we haven't known each other for too long, but you're awesome and funny, I love the stories of Todo at his jobs XD
  17. ♡ If you're reading this and I missed you and you would like a shout-out, then I'm so sorry! My brain is tired rn so I might not be able to think of everyone. If you were missed and you want to let me know, please leave a comment! ♡

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