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  • -Audrey-
    ""What's wrong! Who did it now!!?" *screams out loud*"
  • -Audrey-
    ""Of course i'm okay! Why do you ask? Did someone hurt you!?!?" *looks at Mei*"
  • -Audrey-
    "*Stops* "Oh Hey! What's up?" *continues walking*"
  • -Audrey-
    "(I'm skipping class) *stands up and runs out the classroom*"
  • -Audrey-
    "(LoL what?) -Oh forgot you could do that haha-"
  • -Audrey-
    "*Sighs* "Can't class be over..." I mumbled"
  • -Audrey-
    "(LoL) *Aizawa walks in* "Guys shut up""
  • "Spice? Idk"
  • elmo is cool asff
    "Your Dumb-"
  • elmo is cool asff
    "-_- Oh my god"
  • -Audrey-
    "(lol) "Shut up!" laughes"
  • -Audrey-
    "(I'm a fruit, lol. Why did I pick this pfp? -_______-) "Oh.." Blushes and chuckles"
  • How would you react if
    "I would be so happy :)"
  • taking a break from gtq
    "We'll miss you. Please stay safe. Bye Kai "
  • -Audrey-
    ""HEY! I just apologized." I ruffled Bakugos hair a bit and laughed with Mei"

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