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  • "I'm an outside person. I do too many sports to stay inside"
  • I do and I don't
    "Shorayuki started cleaning up the mess"
  • -Audrey-
    ""Ok..." Suki said sitting down"
  • Alright guys
    "You pull your elbow towards your tongue and then lick your elbow"
  • -Audrey-
    ""Wanna go to the mall and shop some?" Suki smiled"
  • I do and I don't
    "Akito walked away. Shorayuki texted Akira -I need help at the office!-"
  • I do and I don't
    "Akito bowed his head a little and started walking away."
  • -Audrey-
    "Suki layed her head on Mei. "I'm tired" Suki yawned"
  • -Audrey-
    ""Oh" Suki let out a sigh"
  • -Audrey-
    ""Why are you guys laughing? Is my hair messed up?" Suki started fixing her hair"
  • I do and I don't
    "(Skipping time) Akito walked Akira back to her house. "I'm glad we got to hang out" Akito smiled"
  • I do and I don't
    "Akito stood up and put out his hand for Akira to grab. Akito smiled"
  • -Audrey-
    ""What?" Suki frowned"
  • I do and I don't
    "Akito looked at the time. "We should probably get going. It's my first day and I don't want to be fired by your sister.""
  • -Audrey-
    "Suki walked back taking a sip of her drink. "You guys look like zombies just standing there." Suki chuckled"

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