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  • i is v bored,
    "Lol, I like it"
  • i is v bored,
    "skin color: Black different color patches (dunno what to all it) (yes or no?): White around right eye ear shape: Elf ear e"
  • i is v bored,
    "-_-* Frick! I will continue working on this now... I got side tracked!"
  • Hey
    "Heyyyy! .... This is kinda awkward...."
  • "I will freaking throw something at you -_-*"
  • Someone calm June down
    ".....What Ship?"
  • Hey
    "Tat! Sorry for not replying. I'm not fully back tho"
  • Hey
    "Idk, you?"
  • Hey
  • Hey
  • i is v bored,
    "Oh F--- This will take a sec"
  • hey guys
    "Hey Juniper. I'm just coming on for a little bit. Heyy.... If it's okay with you... could I have your g mail? For I could talk to you? Or I ..."
  • i is v bored,
    "Uh- Me ig.....pweasee"
  • where the spirits dwell
    "K.... I'm leaving...again"
  • where the spirits dwell
    "Well.... Kinda... can we g meet? For a sec?"

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