Naruto Love Story pt2!

Naruto Love story!! pt2 People have been wanting me to do another one and sooo finally I have time to make one so here you guys go! I have just started and i've been making quizez.

I've also been having more fun talking to people there nice! Buuuuuut please enjoy this quiz! And please rate and comment at the end!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Elly1Everything

  1. "Morning!! Really it's a morning!!" You were grouchy and got dressed and eat some noodles. You got dressed in a dress and a poofy sweater and you kept your hair down and put your head-band on.
  2. You walked out of your room and came face to face with your big bro. "Hey Tito! Morning! i'm off sooo see ya!" Tito grabbed your arm and pulled you back. "No talking to those boys of your. Understand" You were so mad. "Really! I can't see my friends! There the only friends I got and dad." Your brother let go of your arm. "No talking about them in this house!!" *UGH!* You ran out your door
  3. You slammed the door behind you and you sat down in tears. You weren't gonna listen to your brother were you? You sat up and bolted. You ran to Kakashi Sensie and once you got there you- "Kakashi! I hav to ask you something!" You finally made it and stood up. He was waiting for your question. "uh- umm well... You know what I forgot sooo Bye!" You ran away!
  4. You bumped into Gaara. "Woah Where are you going?" You hesitated. "uh-away I mean woods tree, sky, uh- home?" He smilled. "Then i'll walk you home" (Oh no you thought) "Not necesary." "Are you feeling okay?" "Healthy like a horse!" He picked you up and started boucing off of roof to roof.
  5. You finally stopped and you jumped out of Gaara's arms and sat down. *humph* "What's wrong little kitty?" Your face turned red and you looked away.He sat down in front of you. "I know what's wrong." "Y-you do?" "Yeah you don't like me anymore of what happened." "W-What nooo that's nothing of what im upset about." "Then what?" "uh-" He grabbed your chin and gently pulled it closer to his face. "What's wrong then?"
  6. "I'm running away!!!" You ran and hopped roof to roof with tears running down your eyes. He ran after you. "Stop! Your not running away just calm down and tell me hat happened." You stopped in your tracks. "I have a perfect explanation." He stopped and patted you head. "MY PARENTS DIED!! AND LEFT ME AND TITO WITH NOTHING!! AND MY BROTHER TITO IS CHANGING!!" You screamed out and you thought preety sure a lot of people heard that.
  7. You fell to your knees. "I'm alone Gaara nobody by my side." He pulled you back up. "You'r wrong i'm here with you and i'm coming with you." You smilled and hugged him. He gave you a kiss goodbye on the cheek and he left to go get ready. You made it back home without being spot and Tito was out hunting.
  8. You packed: Cloths, morning things, night thngs, books, you pictures to remember your friends, snacks, survival needs.You threw your backpack on your back. "Let's do this." You turned around and saw Gaara. "Yeah, let's go." You hopped out the window and ran into the forest. You looked back for one sec. And you saw Sasuke. But you didn't stop you kept running.
  9. Do you think you will make it? Find out....(No Effect)
  10. End of quiz! Enjoy? Bye!!!!

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