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PLEASE READ THIS IS URGENT!: Ok I made a huge mistake I am not ending the quiz so you can stop having that panic attack behind the screen. I promise that I'm making it to the end

Anywho this isn't the 4th Naruto Love quiz so I'll post that before my Unraveled in Love quiz! So no need to worry my friends! Anyway Arigato for reading the paragraphs!

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

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  1. Alright so I'm not ending this I'm just making a few changes and tweaks to the quiz not restarting got it?
  2. The Oc's name is still Akhane I have just made Some changes. You see the front picture right?
  3. Well thats what you now look like. Sorry to the people that liked the original photo. It's not because she may look prettier she just looks more like Hòzuki water clan. You can still picture yourself as the original person it just may be hard if I say white hair or blue and white Kimono instead of red hair and t-shirt and shorts
  4. You may be wondering: Well the fire clan and wind villages are allibies of the leaf village so why is she from a water clan?
  5. Well I'm making her origin in this quiz so stay tuned!
  6. I know Kiba and Shikamaru isnt really in the first couple of quizes and I am sorry for inconveniences but they will be in later on.
  7. Alright so in the first quiz I said that Sakura would be with Shikamaru, Ino and Choji's group. But I descieded Hmm competition for duck but (Sasuke Punches me) OW! I mean Sasuke sounds like fun.
  8. Alright the origin story: Akhanes Father was a Fùma clan and her mother was Hòzuki clan. Because of a fire and water romance it didnt end well. Her father was assasinated by a tracking ninja after Akhane was born. Her mother was almost caught. So Akhane didnt die she left her at the gates with a note and her situation. Akhane grew up in the orphanage where she didnt fit in. No-one was her friend. Until Naruto came along. They were both Shy until they met eachother. No matter what adults said to Naruto Akhane stuck with him until they were able to leave and gain apartments.
  9. Alright I hope that answers question and unclear situations.
  10. Also Akhanes specialty is water, fire, air and lightning, and she has made her own move the 'lava tsunami' (you get the point) and water and wind death, where the air and water comes out of you leaving you without breath and the 98% of water in you comes out.
  11. Alright thanks for taking this also kakashi wont be in the results it's just age difference and all that sorry and thats about it so Sayonara!

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