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Created by: Elly1Everything

  1. Hello! Thanks for checking in on me. I'm still a piece of GARBAGE!!!!Wow I'm stupid! :D
  2. Elly: *walks into classroom* Tendo: There trying to kill me! *runs* Gabby: You gonna die! Bella: *sits there siletly coloring* Kendon: OhMyGosh! I'm dieing! Emma: The principal is coming! Wait were good! Everyone stop running around and sit! Elly: *Screams* Emma: Shut up Elly! Elly: *Throws shoe at Emma* ;)
  3. (Everyone at the park) Kendon: *walks over to random girl* Heyyy Gabby: *Walks over to kendon and smacks in behind the head* You B--ch. Emma: ViOleNt! Tendo: I can put poisen in your body! Just come over here! Elly: *runs around killing everyone* Mwhahaha! Kendon: *walks up to Elly* Elly: Why you so F--in tall! T^T
  4. (At Gabbys house) Elly: *dies* Ava: *silent* Gabby & Elly & Kendon: *plays volleyball and screaming* Emma: Your dad is scary.... *hides* Tendo: *On discord & on call* I died again!
  5. (At Ellys house) Elly: *jumps in pond* Gabby: *dances on huge rock* Emma: .......... Ava: *tries killing Kendon with bat* Kendon: *runs for life but fails* Tendo: *jumps in pond with Elly*
  6. (Emmas house) Elly: *gaming* Gabby: *scrolling threw tik toks* Ava: *On phone* Kendon: *Sits with Elly gaming with her* Tendo: *watches in suspence*
  7. (Kendons house) Elly: *Attacks Kendon* Ava: *sits with kendons brother* Gabby: *helps me trying to kill Kendon* Emma: You people are crazy Tendo: :O *attacks*
  8. (At the gym) Elly: *rolls with big dudes* Emma: I'm going to die here! Gabby: *punches but kill herself* Tendo: *cheers Elly on* Kendon: *runs around* Ava: *runs around with Kendon*
  9. I hope you all enjoyed! Thank you so much for taking this!(You do not need to read this)Please rate and comment!

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