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  • "Just put ona nappy and baby pants then let go and fill you nappy with a big soft poo poo,then you wil wet without any control total baby…"

  • "Just filled another nappy with aload of poo poo and wee wee ,wearing 3 pairs of clear pull on plastic baby pants and terry nappies…"

    In response to Nappies:

    "Nappies pull ups or underwear
    Your Result:…"

  • "I am sitting in a full nappy ,its soaked and I'm now pooing it with a very runny poo,a,so wearing lovely soft plastic baby pants and a…"

    In response to Diapersissy95:

    "I really love diapers so much and I need them…"

  • "Filling my disposable nappy with a big soft poo,soaked with wee wee,might have a quick snooze, wearing four pairs of clear baby plastic…"

    In response to closetbaby:

    "Do you need to wear nappies?
    Your Result:…"

  • "Poo and wet like a baby,in nappies and plastic baby pants, lovely yellow at the front and brown at the back"

    In response to 333444555666:

    "I need I diaper 75 % of the time I do like…"

  • "Wearing my nappy and plastic baby pants, 2 suppositories up my bum, not long before I fill my nappy and wet just like a baby"

    In response to Messyforever:

    "The diaper I'm sitting in is completely brown…"

  • "I smell like a baby who has just pooed and soaked her nappies, wearing a pink pvc baby dress full huggies nappy and pink plastic…"

    In response to sexyboy:

    "yes i need a diaper. i need to be changed."

  • "Babies have a nice life,eating wetting pooing and sleeping lots, I'm going back to being a baby 24/7 ,I just love using nappies…"

    In response to Mommies Big Baby:

    "I love making potty in my diaper, my mommy…"

  • "Waking up in my pink nursery,in my pink cot ,two nappy pails one for wee and one for pooey nappies, my changing table, shelves with …"

  • "Going back to sleep,will wake up with a wet and pooed nappy on, in nappies and a baby pants 24/7"

    In response to Bigpoopybaby:

    "My friend forced me to take this taste i got…"