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  • "Nappies are so comfortable, I wear disposable one's with a pair of plastic baby pants, over those I wear a a pair of towelling…"

    In response to Diaper lover100:

    "This is a great quiz try it out"

  • "I wear Terry nappies and disposable nappies, I wet and poo and feel like a real baby, it's nice to feel a big poo coming out and…"

    In response to PayphoneRinging:

    "Are You An Adult Baby or a Diaper…"

  • "I'm wetting my cosifits nappy, I wear two pairs of plastic baby pants and Terry towelling pants with plastic baby pants on top,I went…"

  • "I'm wearing a tykables nappy ,with 2 pairs of plastic baby pants, on top of those I'm wearing a pair of Terry nappy pants,…"

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  • "I love my nappies, I always we and fill mine with a squishy poo poo,I love my smooth plastic baby pants, they keep all my baby …"

    In response to Babydavey123:

    "I am in diapers 24/7. I sleep in a crib in my…"

  • "Time for a big messy poo poo in my nappies, all brown and sqishy total baby,what a stinker"

    In response to Bradrr:

    "There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers as…"

  • "I am wearing a disposable nappy with 2 pairs of plastic pants on top ,then pair of nappy pants with plastic baby pants on top ,I'm…"

  • "Terry nappies, with nappy liners plastic baby pants ,who needs a toilet, just put your dummy in and totally fill and soak your …"

  • "When you wear nappies and plastic baby pants you never need to think about finding a toilet, you are in a portable loo on your bum…"

  • "Just give in and try nappies and plastic baby pants, they feel so comfy, even when you wet and poo ,its all warm and squishy, and…"

    In response to Brat 123021:

    "89% kid except,I'm not in elemetry school…"