Nappies pull ups or underwear

Do you need nappies pull ups or underwear take this quiz to see if you are baby kid of adult this quiz is completely opinionated so dont dwell on you answer and good luck

There is nothing wrong with wearing nappies after all im 19 and i still wear nappies and i sleep in a cot does that mean im a baby i dont know maybe I'll have to take the quiz my self

Created by: Alice
  1. Do you want Nappies
  2. Do you have accidents at night time
  3. Do you Have accidents in the day
  4. What are you currently wearing to bed
  5. Do you want to be a baby
  6. What do you attend
  7. Who changes your nappies
  8. What do you sleep in
  9. What do you drink
  10. Did you injoy the quiz

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