What Do You Know About Pregnancy?

Are you a mother waiting for the arrival of a new son or daughter? Is this your first baby? Or is this a baby brother or sister, niece/nephew or another relative? Here's a fun little quiz to see what you really know about pre-motherhood

There is one correct answer per question and some of them can be a little tricky. Just read the questions carefully and answer with whatever you think (or know) is the correct answer.

Created by: Teresa McGlothlin
  1. Changing hormones cause the queasiness and vomiting some women experience during pregnancy. What's it called?
  2. Which of the senses can become more sensitive when you are pregnant?
  3. How many weeks make up the average length of a normal pregnancy?
  4. What name is given to the dark line that sometimes appears on a pregnant woman's abdomen?
  5. Melasma causes dark patches to appear on which part of some pregnant women's bodies?
  6. If a pregnant woman has overwhelming cravings for red meat, what might be missing from her diet?
  7. When a pregnant women's partner is also experiencing pregnancy symptoms, what is it called?
  8. During pregnancy, the uterus stretches up to the size of what summer fruit?
  9. Can you correctly name the type of doctor who specializes in pregnancy?
  10. Which type of test is performed by extracting some of the fluid surrounding a fetus?
  11. Is it normal for a woman to experience bleeding gums and foul breath during pregnancy?
  12. On average, how many women experience "pregnancy brain?"
  13. Around 18 weeks of gestation, what exciting thing begins to happen?
  14. At how many weeks gestation can a baby hear its mother's voice?
  15. Out of these things, which one increases your likelihood of having twins?
  16. How long does an expectant mother have to wait to hear her baby's heartbeat?
  17. Around 28 weeks, doctors will perform a test for a gestational type of what common disease?
  18. Is it true or false that heartburn during pregnancy means that the baby will have a lot of hair?
  19. On average, how many medical appointments will a woman have during her pregnancy?
  20. The organ that supplies a fetus with oxygen and nutrients is known by which name?
  21. It's sometimes associated with typing too much, but a lot of pregnant women experience the condition, too. What is it called?
  22. O, A, AB or B? Which blood type is considered the most fertile?
  23. When babies are born, they are sometimes coated in a waxy substance called what?
  24. What are the false contractions that occur near the end of pregnancy called?
  25. When does the first of the three trimesters technically begin?
  26. Besides the uterus, which organ also increases in size during pregnancy?
  27. If a pregnant woman starts craving things other than food, what's the scientific name for the condition?
  28. Which one of these hormones is responsible for relaxing the tendons in the pelvic area before birth?
  29. In order for a pregnancy test to show a positive result, what hormone must be detected?
  30. When labor begins, which female reproductive organ begins to thin and to dilate? (All women, whether or not you have been pregnant, should know this)
  31. In utero, babies are covered in a special kind of hair. What is it called?
  32. According to the C.D.C., what is the most popular time to give birth?
  33. What can a pregnant woman experience when she hears a baby cry?
  34. Do you know how many weeks pregnant a woman must be before a baby's sex can be determined?
  35. Which one of these names is the correct name for the fluid-filled bag that surrounds a baby in the womb?

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