Pipe organ genius? Or not?

There is an underground world of organists and organbuilders...and as is the case in most trades, they have specific knowledge and terms. The vernacular is tricky to learn, and it does get very specific, but it's important knowledge to have in the organ trade.

How much do you know about an organ, and how it works? Take this in-depth quiz and find out how you match up! You'll be asked 40 relevant questions that cover your understanding of the parts of an organ.

Created by: Pierce Phillips

  1. What is a tracker?
  2. A pipe which sounds even though a key is not being pressed is referred to as what?
  3. The term "manual" refers to what?
  4. Which of these does not fit?
  5. Which of these does not fit?
  6. What is a mutation?
  7. What term is used to refer to a single set of pipes, all of which make the same tone but at different pitches?
  8. On what amount of water column would you expect a mechanical-action organ to operate?
  9. Which of these does not fit?
  10. True or False: The Austin organ company draws its name from the city in which it was founded?
  11. Which of these is a synonym for "stop"?
  12. An AGO-specification pedalboard is which of these?:
  13. Which of these does not fit?
  14. Which of these is the common term for "expression pedal"?
  15. Which of these terms does not fit?:
  16. What was George Greenleaf's brother's name?
  17. Which of these firms, geographically speaking, does not fit?
  18. The "Tutti" button on an organ, if so-equipped, performs which of these musical functions?
  19. Which of these is not a real contribution by the firm?
  20. Which of these is NOT a type of pipe?
  21. True or False: some flute pipes have resonators
  22. Which of these is NOT a single rank of pipes?
  23. A "Tibia" is found on which type of organ?
  24. True or False: "Unda Maris" pipes are tuned flat
  25. Which of these is a standard hymn registration (all stops being on one division)?
  26. True or False: a 32' Resultant stop consists of no pipes longer than 16', and is generally composed of open-ended pipes?
  27. Which of these does not provide a vibrato effect on a pipe organ?
  28. Which of these is not a Skinner invention?
  29. What do you call the device that the organist uses to play the organ?
  30. Which of these is not a type of windchest?
  31. Which of these is not a pipe tuning method?
  32. True or false: some organ pipes are suspended, upside-down, in water
  33. "Spotted metal" refers to what?
  34. What is it called when a pipe is altered to make its tone in a certain manner?
  35. What happens to a pipe when you stop all air from going out its top end?
  36. What is the name of the flat metal plate which sits just inside the bottom of the slit in the front of a flue pipe?
  37. True or False: super- and suboctave couplers exist only on electric-action organs?
  38. What is the function of a "Unison Release" tab/knob?
  39. True or False: "Vox Humana" (a/k/a "Voix Humaine" or "Voce Umana") pipes, actually ARE designed to sound like human voices?
  40. Which of these does not fit?

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