Little Penguin Quiz

You want to save Little Penguins eh?Try this quiz and you may be genuis. This is a quiz for the smart minded people that know a lot about animals. So animals come on and take the quiz about the little penguins!!

Try not to kill theese little dudes they are an important part of the ecosystem! If they die it is like a organ pulled out of your body so if they die don't start crying if a organ is pulled out of your body.

Created by: curly
  1. How much do little penguins weigh?
  2. What are their predators?
  3. What are their other names?
  4. When do they use counter shading?
  5. How hot is their body temperature?
  6. Do they bite?
  7. How long does it take to reach adulthood?
  8. What are some bad things to do to them?
  9. Where do they live?
  10. What is their scientific name?
  11. When is their breeding season?

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