Do you need diapers

You are a grown man and you don't need diapers u don't need a bib u don't need a pacifier u don't need a crib u don't play with toys and you don't need to be taken care of you are a adult

You are a wittle baby that can't walk and u need diapees and u need a pacifier and a bib crib nappies pull-ups pampers baby bottle and u need baby toys and a bonet

Created by: Joseph of Am I still a baby do I need diapers
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  1. Do u wear diapers
  2. Do u suck on a pacifier
  3. Do u sleep n a crib
  4. Do u wear a bib
  5. Do u wet the bed
  6. Do u mess your self
  7. Do u like wearing diapers
  8. Do u walk
  9. R u a baby
  10. Do u use baby talk
  11. I'm a baby

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Quiz topic: Do I need diapers