Should you wear diapers

this is a test to see if you need and or want diapers. this is not a medical test for incontinence its a test to see if you would enjoy the world of diapers.

if you come out as most likely enjoying it. i encourage you to give them a try and voice your support in favor of diapers. if not then you may feel free to go on with your diaperless life.

Created by: Gwen Sachorov

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you Ever wet yourself ?
  2. do you ever mess yourself ?
  3. do you like the smell of baby powder?
  4. would you want someone to change your diaper or would you change yourself ?
  5. do you like the toilet ?
  6. why are you taking this quiz?
  7. if a friend/ family member said "from now on your going to wear diapers or elts" what would be your response?
  8. if your doctor said "from now on you need to wear diapers" what would be your response?
  9. do you play a lot of video games or watch a lot of tv?
  10. if you could change your age what age would you choose?

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Quiz topic: Should I wear diapers