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Political Spectrum Quiz

Your Political Compass

Discover where your views place you on a political compass that scores you on two axes, Left-Right and Authoritarian-Libertarian. Compare your results with your friends and family. As a bonus, this quiz will also determine where you stand on foreign policy and the culture war. Easily share your results with others! US residents can check how their state compares to the rest.

Democrat or Republican Quiz

Republican or Democrat?

In the United States, our political divisions are as strong as ever. Whether you are just starting to follow politics or simply want to validate your existing leanings, our Democrat vs. Republican quiz is ready for the taking. Based on the parties' published platforms, this quiz will show you where you align on a variety of issues.

User-Created Quizzes

User-Made Quizzes

The best of our many user-created political quizzes are helpfully gathered on our politics category page. You will find topics that include different ideologies, UK political parties, freedom, and anarchism. There are quizzes ranging from right-wing to left. And what quiz site would be complete without the requisite libertarian section? We've also got a page for specific issues that may be important to you.

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