Which Type of Anarchist are You?

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Do you want to smash the state, but lack any more precise goals for how do do that and what to replace it with? If so, you've come to the right place!

There are many types of anarchism, from extreme individualists to radical collectivists. Whatever kind you are, this quiz should help you find out what you're closest to.

Created by: JeanLouisDavid
  1. Do you consider yourself to be a left-libertarian or right-libertarian?
  2. Which of these groups would you be most willing to make alliances with?
  3. Do you consider yourself to be a capitalist or anti-capitalist?
  4. Choose one of these trios. Feel free to Google unfamiliar names.
  5. Are you a market anarchist or social anarchist?
  6. How should currency be handled in an anarchist society?
  7. Which of these organizations is best?
  8. In order to fund things like public infrastructure, all current taxation should be abolished and replaced with a single tax or rent on the value of one's land.
  9. Radical industrial unions should be used to organize the people to overthrow the state.
  10. People should participate in untaxed, unregulated economic activity in order to slowly starve the state of its resources.
  11. The means of production should be owned collectively by the community.
  12. The system of wage labor is exploitative and should be abolished.
  13. In an anarchist society, conservative cultural values should be upheld by excluding moral degenerates from our privately-owned communities.
  14. Raw natural resources, such as land, cannot simply be claimed; any ownership over them must be established by something more substantial, such as by occupying and using them or paying rent to the community.
  15. Ostracism, exclusion, and segregation are absolutely necessary for upholding property rights in an anarchist social order.
  16. Although public property is already stolen, the state compounds the injustice when it allows immigrants to use it, as this further invades the private property rights of the original owners.
  17. As national borders are simply arbitrary, state-imposed lines on a map, state restrictions on immigration should be opposed.
  18. A truly, radically freed market would be made up mostly or entirely of self-employed individuals and cooperatives, not corporations and wage laborers.

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