Democrat or Republican Quiz

Are You a Democrat or a Republican?

Still undecided and want to become more politically aware? This quiz will help you answer the question, "Am I a Democrat or a Republican?"

How this quiz works:

Below, you will find statements drawn from the official 2016 party platforms. Read them and decide how much you agree or disagree. Your response to each will be either "This is a good idea," or "This is a bad idea." You may adjust your answers to signal how strongly you feel about each statement. Statements were carefully chosen to contrast the differing positions between Democrats and Republicans.

thumbs up Move a slider toward the thumbs up to express your support for a statement.
thumbs down Move a slider toward the thumbs down to express you oppose a statement.

(If you see select boxes instead of sliders, the quiz will still work.)


This a featured quiz on politics. After you find out whether you are more of a Democrat or a Republican, you can go on to explore our user-created political quizzes.