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Fans of Disney's beloved Pirates franchise have created some amazing quizzes. We've selected some of the best to include here. If you think you know the movies or ever wondered if you're more of a Jack Sparrow or a Barossa, these quizzes are for you. Yo ho ho!

Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz List

  • Find Out What POTC Character You Arrr!!
    [by: Natalie, rated: rated: 2.89/5, published: Apr 29, 2007]

    There are many people who like Pirates of the Caribbean but there are even fewer people who are true fanatics. This quiz is not the fanatic quiz if you wanted…

  • What Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?
    [by: Yale, rated: rated: 3.89/5, published: Aug 14, 2006]

    Avast! It be to late to alter course mateys. Ye have sailed into uncharted waters. You never know when that terible beasty will show up. I know a way out. But…

  • What Pirates of the Caribbean Character Are You?
    [by: mathew, rated: rated: 3.73/5, published: Mar 3, 2008]

    Wanna find out who you are in the pirate world? Then take this quiz and find out! Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest & At World's End only sorry…

  • What Pirates of the Caribbean character are you most like?
    [by: Dez, rated: rated: 3.72/5, published: Jun 8, 2007]

    You might think you are most like Elizabeth Swann, but after taking this quiz, you might find out that you are more like Will Turner. After taking this quiz…

  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz
    [by: Becky, rated: rated: 3.69/5, published: May 27, 2007]

    There are many people in the world that think they know all about Pirates of the Caribbean, they don't know anything really. Do you think you can prove me…

  • Which Pirate are you most like?
    [by: Kalina, rated: rated: 3.62/5, published: Aug 21, 2006]

    Pirates are the newest hot guys(and girls) of the year. Who do you think you weigh up to? Could you be the dreaded Barbossa or the lovable Captain Jack? To…

  • How well do you know Pirates of the Caribbean?
    [by: Kalina, rated: rated: 3.6/5, published: Sep 1, 2006]

    You think you know Pirates? Take this quiz to see how you stack up to me! See how well you know the movie as well as the behind the scenes stuff! Make sure to…

  • Do you know your Pirates of The Caribbean quotes?
    [by: IxXWolfieIXx, rated: rated: 3.46/5, published: Jan 20, 2010]

    Ok, I love Pirates of The Caribbean! Lets see if you like it too! I have to say alot of stuff here, that I don't really need to. Ok, have fun taking it! And…

  • How Much do you know about Pirates of the Caribbean?
    [by: ABCSOUP, rated: rated: 3.37/5, published: Mar 21, 2008]

    Pirates of the Caribbean is about a pirate who lives in the Caribbean. Good luck on my quiz. I hope that you have fun taking this quiz and that you get a…

  • Who's your pirates of the caribbean star?
    [by: Ashley, rated: rated: 3.31/5, published: Jun 29, 2007]

    "Which Pirates of the Caribbean star are you most like?" There are twelve questions for you to answer so we can decide who you are most like! Enjoy! Remember:…

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 3.27/5, published: Jun 5, 2008]

    If you love movies this is a great quiz for you to take! This is all about the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. (all 3 movies). If you're a huge fan like me,…

  • Are you a POTC fan like me?
    [by: Emilie, rated: rated: 3.22/5, published: Feb 15, 2008]

    I'm not really sure who, or how many people will like this quiz. I love Pirates of the Caribbean, so of course I like this quiz, but I hope you do too.

  • Are you a true Pirates of the Caribbean fan?
    [by: Yale, rated: rated: 3.07/5, published: Aug 19, 2006]

    You have just plundered a merchent vessel and you are looking for the closest port so you can spend your riches. It is pitch black and a storm is brewing.…

  • How well do you really know Pirates of the Caribbean?
    [by: Jess, rated: rated: 2.82/5, published: Jun 17, 2009]

    Okay, so have any one heard of a little disorder called JDOCD? No well i have that, i have that big time and that is why i made this little quiz to see if…

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