If You Were A POTC Character, Who Would You Be?

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are extremely popular among several different groups of people. One of the most appealing things about them is how well-developed and interesting each character is. They are all colorful and sometimes even relate-able.

How relate-able are they to you? Are you crafty and witty like Jack? Are you handsome and brave like Will? Are you beautiful yet deadly like Elizabeth? Are you cruel yet piratey like Barbossa? Take this quiz to find out which character YOU are most like!

Created by: Will Turner
  1. When something goes wrong, you...
  2. You like to wear...
  3. You eat...
  4. You hate...
  5. Which quality best describes you?
  6. Of these, what do you put your trust in?
  7. Which of these ships is your favorite?
  8. What has been the biggest mistake you've ever made?
  9. You like plans that...
  10. In the movies, which villain do you loathe the most?

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