Are you a POTC fan like me?

I'm not really sure who, or how many people will like this quiz. I love Pirates of the Caribbean, so of course I like this quiz, but I hope you do too.

Do you, not like, but LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean? You have to take this quiz to find out. Some people might find some of these questions hard, but if you're a true fan you'll disagree.

Created by: Emilie
  1. Who plays Captain Jack Sparrow?
  2. Who plays Elizabeth Swann?
  3. How many movies of potc have been made?
  4. Who plays William Turner?
  5. Who makes Elizabeth Swann Captain of Hai Peng?
  6. Do you have potc Scene it?
  7. Who "married" Will and Elizabeth?
  8. Who brought Barbossa back?
  9. What is Barbossa's first name?
  10. Who is Calypso bound in?
  11. Who becomes captain of the Flying Dutchman?
  12. Why are the nine pieces of eight pieces of junk?
  13. What's Barbossa's monkey's name?
  14. Who does Davy Jones summon the Kracken on?
  15. Who killed James Norrington?
  16. How many times throughout all the movies did Elizabeth kiss someone?
  17. What does "I am disinclined to acquiesce your request" mean?
  18. Why do the Pelogostos want to honor Jack?
  19. How many souls is Jack's soul worth?

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Quiz topic: Am I a POTC fan like me?