Do you know your Pirates of The Caribbean quotes?

Ok, I love Pirates of The Caribbean! Lets see if you like it too! I have to say alot of stuff here, that I don't really need to. Ok, have fun taking it! And thanks for taking it.

So, ready to find out if you know your PotC quotes? Oh well, find out anyway. Hah, thanks again! I also have to say alot of stuff here, agg Too many words!

Created by: IxXWolfieIXx
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  1. Up is down. Well thats just maddingly unhelpful. Why are these things never clear?'' Is from who, and what movie?
  2. Dyin' is the day worth living for! is FROM who?
  3. ''James, come with me.'' From,
  4. '' Aye! The rum too!!''
  5. '' My story, its exactly the same as your story just one chapter behind.''
  6. I wash my hands in this weirdness!
  7. This is a good one, ok? ''Parley''
  8. ''You know my name!''
  9. Ok, the person that said ''You know my name'' was talking too...
  10. This could trick you. '' Kallay lam, lam pikki pikky, lam eensy weensy. Lam saysay, eunuchy, snip snip.''
  11. ''Jack? Jack Sparrow! Its me, ______! In case you did know, ___ means name
  12. your gonna get this one. ''Jack Sparrow does not know what he wants. Or, do you know, but claim it as your own?''
  13. We should return to the Dauntless.
  14. For to long, I've been starving to death, and haven't died.

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Pirates of The Caribbean quotes?