The Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz

There are many people in the world that think they know all about Pirates of the Caribbean, they don't know anything really. Do you think you can prove me wrong and get 100%? This quiz contains questions about Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest and also At World's End. Do you know everything about these films? If I was you I'd watch some of them before taking the quiz to make sure you get a good score!

Do you know your Pirates of the Caribbean? Are you addicted to watching the films over and over? Can you get 100%? Do you think you know everything about everything in the world of Jack Sparrow and the sea? Find out by taking this quiz now....

Created by: Becky
  1. What is William Turner's nickname (note: the old William Turner not the young one!)
  2. Who killed Jack Sparrow?
  3. How many souls did Jack need to give to Davy Jones (including Will)?
  4. How many pirate lords are there?
  5. Who is Calypso?
  6. What is the name of the latest pirates of the Caribbean film?
  7. Who was given the black spot by Davy Jones?
  8. What is Sao Feng?
  9. What did Elizabeth take from Will (the day he was rescued)?
  10. What is Jack Sparrow's famous phrase?

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