Which Pirate are you most like?

Pirates are the newest hot guys(and girls) of the year. Who do you think you weigh up to? Could you be the dreaded Barbossa or the lovable Captain Jack? To find out, take this 13 question test.

Do you love Pirates? Ever wondered which character you would match? Find out here!! This 13 question quiz will find out if you are most like Jack, Will, Elizabeth, or Barbossa!! Have fun!!

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What is your gender?
You are marooned on an island. What is the one thing you would ask to have with you?
A pistol....or maybe some rum.....
Anything that I can use to make a fire
Nothing, as long as my loved ones are safe
I would never be marooned....it just ain't gonna happen
What kind of girl(or guy) attracts you most?
There's only one love in my life, and he/she is perfect
Does it really matter....
A daring person who gets in trouble a lot
..........I'm not one for romance, seeing as I'm unable to feel anything
The King's Navy is chasing after you. What did you do?
I helped steal a ship to save the one I love
I ran away from home
What didn't I do?!
I just blew up a few houses, looted a few mansions, nothing big....
You run into a past love. How do you react?
*slap* "Oww!! No, not the face!!"
"Oh, hi! Nice to see you again!...Single? No, I'm taken."
"Do I know you?...Oh, right...well, have a nice day."
.....All my past loves are dead, so I'd freak out if I ran into one of them..
Your boat sinks. What do you do?
Pout and cry to your daddy.
Steal a new, even better one!!
Go and try to retrieve it so you can fix it yourself.
I don't have a boat...I have a ship.
What is your weapon of choice?
A pistol
An oar
A sword
A corset.....what?
What is your favorite color?
Which would you have as a pet?
A monkey
A parrot
A donkey
A dog
Good, but a little evil
Evil, with a little good
Where do you go to relax?
To the shop. I'm most relaxed when I'm working.
The local bar, or any place that sells alcohol.
I sit in bed and daydream.
I go to my cabin and count my loot.
Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay brave in the face of danger and almost certain death?
Well, that doesn't make sense at all.
I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request.
Well you've just proved you're mad!!
Shut up!!

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