Pirates of the Caribbean

If you love movies this is a great quiz for you to take! This is all about the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. (all 3 movies). If you're a huge fan like me, this quiz should be a piece of cake....figuatively. Ha, that was a quote from the movie - part of it. If you're a true fan you would've gotten it.

You have the chance to see if you know these movies well or not. I encourage you to take the quiz. I hope you do well! Hey tell your buddies about this quiz. Maybe they know Pirates and want to take this quiz too.

Created by: amazon
  1. Who is the 'mainest' character?
  2. How many Pirates movies are there again?
  3. What day did potc 2 release in theaters?
  4. Who is the producer of the potc trilogy?
  5. Who is the composer of the orchestra music in the movies?
  6. Which one of the following is not one of the nine pirate lords?
  7. Throughout the movies, how many people think about, want to, or do marry Elizabeth?
  8. Where is the Black Pearl known for making berth?
  9. Who is Calypso trapped in?
  10. Who is Jack Sparrow's father? (in the movie)
  11. How do you think you did?

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