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  • 59% white? What's the other 41%, martian?

    Melifileth Apr 18 '09, 12:19PM
  • You know Spongebob 80%

    You almost know spongebob inside and out. You know the basics and more. You've probably watched spongebob a lot to have gotten this far up in the quiz. GREAT JOB:P I hope you enjoyed my quiz and thanks for taking it.

    CrazyThunder Apr 5 '09, 10:04AM
  • You are 38% white!

    You are just not that white, although you fit some of the stereotypes. You must be a somewhat unique individual rather than one who fits the typical "whiteness" categories.

    bbestboy14 Mar 25 '09, 5:04PM
  • 1.Say your name 20x. 2.Say you moms name 10x. 3.Say your crushes name 5x. 4.Say your dads name one time. then count to 10,phaste this on 30 other quizes,And then your crush will kiss you on the nearst possible friday is you don`t then everyday will be the worst day of your life counted on that it is!BBBBBOOOOOOPPPP

    Amywhite Mar 22 '09, 6:21PM
  • Y the hell does this even matter?

    Mega_crazy Mar 20 '09, 11:14PM
  • Hey, everybody, chill out! This quiz is about *stereotypes*! As for me, my result was 60%. I have Hispanic ancestry and grew up in deep south Texas, but I definitely don't fit that stereotype. I'm more of . . . . well, I'm pagan, open-minded, tolerant, like healthy foods, sort of a hippie. Pretty fun quiz! IMO

    MaggiErisian Mar 9 '09, 8:04PM
  • sorry didnt say anything oopsy well i got 55% white yay?!

    Cyro Mar 6 '09, 5:59PM
  • 47%. Nice job Mury!

    blackwolf133 Mar 5 '09, 8:04PM
  • 55% white lol im mexican :P

    ltlbabeangel Mar 5 '09, 7:26PM
  • no offence----only 33% white does this mean i'm blank or mexican or whatever

    softball_cat33 Mar 4 '09, 8:45PM
  • 41% white...what the heck does that mean? This quiz is the worst. No offense.

    Ebillan Mar 4 '09, 5:09PM
  • White people are mean to to me just cause.............. . well, I don't really know why, but they're just mean to me

    Metalhead36D Mar 4 '09, 5:05PM
  • I'm 34% white

    Netto PP Mar 4 '09, 8:44AM
  • asian so prettyyy accuratte.

    Too me Mar 3 '09, 8:28PM
  • 83%

    Princess_L Mar 3 '09, 4:44PM
  • i'm German-Irish-Native American. lol

    And i am WAY more than just 21% white! who ever made this quiz is just stupid!

    Sarah Soda Slim Mar 3 '09, 11:05AM
  • 55% white! Well I actually AM white but I guess I don't fit all the stereotypes. I do go to Whole Foods and Trader Joes though.

    JRobert Mar 3 '09, 11:04AM
  • You are 28% white!

    You have just a little whiteness in you. Basically you don't fit the white stereotype, except on a few issues. There's a good chance you're not white at all!


    hip hop Mar 3 '09, 1:22AM

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