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  • foxyhoe, its alll bout' that 100% puerto ricann baby!

    chartay Apr 1 '10, 3:42PM
  • carri04, why the fckk did you takee this quiz then, dumbfckk?!?!?!?!

    chartay Apr 1 '10, 3:40PM
  • Haha i got 17% and im Mexican.xD P.S None of my family is illegal!Lol

    CaLiFoRnIa Mar 30 '10, 3:20AM
  • 12% white lolol n am 100% scottish white lolol it says ihave nothing in common with stereotypical white people

    mw bs ls 2010 Mar 1 '10, 9:28AM
  • 43% white but I'm all asian lol

    Carri04 Feb 23 '10, 6:49PM
  • haha 21% white, and i'm irish/polish.... xD i like the quiz. makes me laugh cause i always say i'm just that white xD

    itsmy cheesecake Feb 18 '10, 4:15PM
  • tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler tyler sandi sandi sandi sandi sandi hannah hannah hannah

    dragoon25 Feb 17 '10, 5:20PM
  • Lol 57%!!!!!! ya no wats funny? My friend took this quiz and she got 62%! and she's black!!!

    Woohoo7 Feb 13 '10, 9:08PM
  • You are 33% white!

    You have just a little whiteness in you. Basically you don't fit the white stereotype, except on a few issues. There's a good chance you're not white at all!

    I am white though... guess I don't fit the white stereotype.

    TheKisschasyFan Feb 4 '10, 11:26PM
  • 31% well duh.
    im straight ghetto black.

    Aero87Girly Dec 25 '09, 5:04PM
  • omg, 40% i dont know if theres anyone in the world whiter than me XD lol

    rawry Dec 25 '09, 11:47AM
  • HAHA funny quiz. I got 40% white and in real I am 100% asian. LOLz.

    yhoang11 Dec 10 '09, 10:55PM
  • haha 14 percent b----es! RICAN FOR LIFE

    FOXYHOE Dec 2 '09, 4:12PM
  • 22% white..? I'm the whitest girl I know....

    TrixiesMama Oct 9 '09, 7:00PM
  • S,hit son, im white skinned and it said i was 19% white. yea im thug as s,hit suck on my ballzack

    jarek kunz Sep 14 '09, 2:52PM
  • 43% white XD

    Zenoe Aug 31 '09, 1:59PM
  • 28% white... LOL cute quiz

    c00ki3xm0n5t3r Jul 16 '09, 7:00PM
  • it said i am 45% white

    xx_love_xx Jul 7 '09, 2:41AM
  • i was 53percent white and im white n real life but i kan b real ghetto

    josie42297 Jul 1 '09, 1:56PM
  • 50% that cant be right =P hehe!

    ashza09 May 5 '09, 11:10PM
  • 34%. im not actually white. hahahahaha, this quiz rocked

    bubblz Apr 26 '09, 12:21PM
  • it says i'm only 19% white but i'm white in real life

    Muirgen Apr 22 '09, 7:25PM

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