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  • 9% white thats not what i was thinking. I'm Indian and white so the score doesnt bother me but shocks me

    shortie Mar 28 '11, 11:26AM
  • Pasty as all hell by skin color, 29% white by the quiz. Heh.

    CaptainNation Mar 11 '11, 11:53PM
  • 26% yes im acually 100% white but doooooo not act it

    bamababe95 Mar 8 '11, 10:29AM
  • 50! Thats about accurate- not in color, but in mindset!

    DragonKitty Feb 5 '11, 10:31PM
  • haha 36% i'm mixed :P

    Liightz Feb 3 '11, 12:03AM
  • lolz! 38% bulls---!

    isabel611 Jan 31 '11, 1:06PM
  • @chartay you're the dumbfuk leave my friends alone.

    Anastasia Jan 15 '11, 7:21AM
  • 59% lol

    Anastasia Jan 15 '11, 7:19AM
  • 28% Lol I'm Mexican...Alllll Mexican

    gaby400 Dec 26 '10, 3:48PM
  • 53% white.....hmmmmm

    mangolover7 Dec 23 '10, 12:52PM
  • Seems I'm more black than white. 38% black on another quiz, and 31% white on this quiz. well I'm neither. lol.

    test55465 Nov 3 '10, 6:17AM
  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy i have 52% white but i think my colour is big white with red chicks so i m not ageery from my result i think i m big white and my name is hoor and i m from sudia and i made imformation about love this is a quiz and so take this quiz it is all about loves in this quiz u get all information about love and yours lover so please take yhis quiz if u know about love

    amazing_angle Oct 28 '10, 8:18AM
  • 74% white...i'm black lol

    gauche Oct 11 '10, 5:49PM
  • 16% i am white but i do tan. im moderatly tan

    jdblover Sep 26 '10, 11:29PM
  • I'm Pinay, but I got %21. And I am full Filipina!! Lol, wow. P.S. Filipina is Asian.

    DespicableSharon Sep 9 '10, 4:18AM
  • 21% White.

    Know why?

    I'm frickin japanese! lol.

    kannibalistikk Aug 3 '10, 4:43AM
  • I got 48% White.

    The result say:

    You are just not that white, although you fit some of the stereotypes. You must be a somewhat unique individual rather than one who fits the typical "whiteness" categories.

    I am asian and have quite white. Not that too dark and not that too light. It just middle colour, it just the gold colour.

    I am glad with my result lols....

    sweetcat Jul 22 '10, 8:20AM
  • 28% white. I'm very different from everyone, just do the same thing everyday.

    NitroSpeed May 22 '10, 9:33PM
  • 0% white i'm a brit but i was born in france

    danburita012 May 13 '10, 6:34AM
  • well i got 41% i am irish anyways n i do live in da uk

    irishgirl May 9 '10, 12:42PM
  • 31% white thats pretty acurate actually cause I'm about 60% italian

    Sexy Ally Cat Apr 8 '10, 11:11AM
  • CaLiFoRnIa, nobody gives a flyingg fckk hxe. (:

    chartay Apr 1 '10, 3:44PM

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