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  • I got 40 white and I actually am white

    parisfrance Mar 15 '15, 6:05PM
  • I got 40 something % (I'm too lazy to check) I have blue eyes and blonde hair,who ever made this,your racist.

    PigsAreTheBest Feb 24 '15, 2:56AM
  • "Not that white" lol.
    I'm one of the whitest people you will ever see, appearance wise.

    BStreet Feb 8 '15, 9:45PM
  • I got 36%... Maybe cause I am half japanese?

    MissingRiddle23 Feb 7 '15, 10:48PM
  • 34% Dirty blond hair and blue eyes thank you very much

    Mehmeh Dec 20 '14, 1:16AM
  • I'm hispanic and I got a 74%, WOW!

    Emma2448 Dec 7 '14, 7:44PM
  • You are 34% white!

    You are just not that white, although you fit some of the stereotypes. You must be a somewhat unique individual rather than one who fits the typical "whiteness" categories.

    I'm an african-american New Yorker, btw...

    PokemaDiva Nov 14 '14, 3:41PM
  • Hmmm....36% Somethings Not Right Here.....Im All White.

    Kiersten 1D Oct 29 '14, 4:36PM
  • im hispanic and i got 40% lol by the way is all about android wooooh

    weirdone Oct 18 '14, 2:34AM
  • 34% white

    pickles123 Jul 26 '14, 2:20PM
  • 19%

    crystal2awsome Jul 12 '14, 2:21AM
  • I got 47%. i'm white as snow, but, i somewhat act black and and other half I act white ''

    AmberLovesADTR Jul 1 '14, 11:51PM
  • I'm white but i got a 24 percent
    What the heck?

    Realanimelover Jun 25 '14, 7:45AM
  • I got 33% white and i am completely white! So stereotypical!

    abbie c Feb 5 '14, 12:31AM
  • I'm black and got 60% ?? Oh that's why then call me Oreo:(:(:(:(

    Amzlyk Dec 12 '13, 4:02AM
  • Don't be like that. This personput a lot of work in to this quiz and you go and ruin it. That's not very nice. They didn't make this quiz to make it so that people think that its wrong to be white. And they didn't make it so you could hate it. Look at all the people who commented before you. Did they say anything about being offended? No.

    Oh and by the way this quiz is awesome. although after typing all of what it above this... i forgot my %. Whooops!

    Tohru Oct 19 '13, 3:25PM
  • funny 29%, I am the most pale person ever Lol, but if it means stereotypically....

    NightSpear Aug 8 '13, 12:42AM
  • I got 38% white. Gosh my legs are so pale they blind my sister.

    wolvesrule65318 Jul 19 '13, 1:09AM
  • i don't really wanna be white i know shocking right?!
    I wanna be ASIAN

    Regular_Catz Jul 14 '13, 11:44AM
  • It said 22% but I'm actually 25% lol. Close enough

    Alygirl9000 May 22 '13, 10:11AM
  • 22% white. :P I'm whiter than sour cream though. xD

    Firey_Soul Mar 13 '13, 11:08PM
  • I got 38% white,

    Catz_18 Feb 1 '13, 7:15PM

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