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  • I'm 38% white. Wow, my skin's not to colorful, though.... hm, weird.

    ICEE CHILL Jan 28 '13, 10:23PM

    mariam2071 Dec 8 '12, 9:09AM
  • 31% lol no i'm the palest girl in my school xD but proud but nah I don't fit the "rich white people" stereotype, middle class and I need a damn job

    manders Nov 16 '12, 2:37PM
  • You are 36% white!

    You are just not that white, although you fit some of the stereotypes. You must be a somewhat unique individual rather than one who fits the typical "whiteness" categories.

    Yeah .... about that, I'm totally white xD

    awesome69 Nov 1 '12, 4:06PM
  • I got 38% white umm... Kinda true i have like tan skin:)

    Cat Valentine Oct 7 '12, 1:04PM
  • 31%. Don't fit in the the stereotype, probably not white at all... ya, ya.

    Not true! Okay, so I have a light tan, bit I'm still quite white. Not a stereotype white person? Maybe. I own nothing Apple... Idk! Neat quiz though.

    tenten16 Sep 5 '12, 4:45PM
  • 64%. That's pretty accurate.

    Kepler Aug 26 '12, 5:33PM
  • You are 41% white!

    You are just not that white, although you fit some of the stereotypes. You must be a somewhat unique individual rather than one who fits the typical "whiteness" categories.

    Katherine0708 Aug 17 '12, 10:36AM
  • I'm not that white.

    That's not what my white friends say dear old test. They say I'm whiter than them .___. And theyre pretty white.

    AzquezxCreator Aug 9 '12, 8:30PM
  • 43% Lol i'm not that white and i'm unique! ^-^ WOOOOHOOO! yeah! good quiz :D

    manders Jul 22 '12, 10:18AM
  • You didn't ask any country or redneck questions. That would boost my score to 200% I got 33 completely European in my ancestry.

    heirofmind Jul 16 '12, 2:55AM
  • You are 24% white!

    You have just a little whiteness in you. Basically you don't fit the white stereotype, except on a few issues. There's a good chance you're not white at all!

    good because i`m as white as much as i have eight arms(i don`t obviously)i`m as tan as you could be

    Tim130 Jul 5 '12, 12:42AM
  • this quiz stinks. it said im not white but im actually really pale. plus, the colour of your skin has no effect on your personality. you personality is made up of lots of other things such as your horoscopes, parents and where you were brought up.

    Silvereight Jul 1 '12, 11:39AM
  • got 38% white probably cause i'm too chill for the stereotype.

    One Of A Kind Jul 1 '12, 4:34AM
  • Got 40%......this quiz should have been titled "How poor are you" because that is what determined the results.

    Quasar Jun 1 '12, 5:39PM
  • You are 55% white!
    You are mostly white, or more than half anyway. You definitely have a lot of stereotypical white qualities in you! But you go against some of the common assumptions as well.

    Jenny986 May 9 '12, 3:08AM
  • 38% fools! haha

    colelevine Apr 11 '12, 9:34PM
  • 32% haha but im as white as could be

    graceface Mar 14 '12, 8:42PM
  • 22% white and I'm white my dad is kinda black I guess

    Beastbeezy2363 Mar 4 '12, 12:23AM
  • White doesnt mean the color of ur skin literally, it means stereotypical behaviors. I am 47%

    raybear13 Feb 21 '12, 9:37PM
  • 9% white thats odd because I'm like paler than pale! ROTFL :P

    flyer586 Feb 3 '12, 5:08PM
  • haha..29% white.. i guess im thatt white considering im spanish filo and aussi..haha.. im tanned

    MrWhiskers Jan 26 '12, 9:26AM

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