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  • Social Anxiety Test
    [published: May 19, 2009, 104 comments]

    Social anxiety is a difficult condition to live with. The anxiety prevents normal and healthy social……

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  • "They won't have Sarah to kick around anymore! lol I don't know how anyone took her to be a serious contender."
  • Michael Jackson Died
    "Wow, can't believe it. There was no one bigger than Michael Jackson in the 80s."
  • Some Cool Political Maps
    "Pretty cool."
  • "Millions continue to protest the rigged election in which the rightful winner, reformist Mousavi, had his victory stolen by the ruling elite..."
  • "It seems the medical establishment thinks we all need to be on this or that pill just to function. Why is that? Does our current lifestyle..."
  • Your fave bands.
    "What, no Nine Inch Nails? No Tool?"
  • This season of 24
    "This season has not pulled me in as much as past seasons. I wonder if the premise of the show is getting worn out. Must be a challenge to m..."
  • Favorite reality tv show
    "Amazing Race is best. I think CBS should have Phil and Jeff Probst switch places for one season and host each others' shows."
  • Justice Souter Retiring
    "I hope he nominates a woman. I'm not talking about any affirmative action or quota stuff here, but it's completely indefensible that there ..."
  • "Ah so it's the stimulus bill that has caused the outrage? This point wasn't clear to me. Maybe you can explain to me why conservative medi..."
  • "I think you are right that the protesters don't have actual policy ideas. It's more of a gut feeling against "government spending" and the ..."
  • Future of the GOP
    "It seems there is an internal struggle within the GOP as far the direction for the party. Moderates who feel the party is losing voters out..."

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