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  • @natuhleegayle- Hey... It's been a while. You won't see this comment probably. Um life has been really bad. Remember how I told you about Austin the guy I liked? well I found out he's a total skunk bag. Also, I'm glad you're doing a re-write, unfortunately I won't be reading it because the description doesn't really capture my attention. By the way I turned twelve... That's all.

    sam singer17
  • I can't wait to read this. :) Do you remember me? You read my quizzes a while back. 'Before Harry Potter... Romance at Hogwarts' Yeah, that was me. I'm glad you're making a come back and you're certainly more active then I ever was. You're an inspiration, and I'll be making fanfiction soon because I prefer being able to choose how the story rolls and write in first & third person. If you want, I can give you my fanfiction.net username when I make a fanfic.

  • Oh my god! natuhleegayle, my heroine, my inspiration is reading my work! I'm so happy I'm crying. I need to read your series again before school tomorrow! I love you nat! You are amazing, never change, I'm already on Wattpad, my username is the same. I'll be following your every word! Keep writing! Forever yours.

  • Thank you so much for commenting on my quiz you have no idea how much it means t me cause you were kinda my inspiration to start this in the first place! It was so nice of you and thank you so much. I have one question. I have read all your Harry potter love stories are you going to stop putting them was 42 the last one!? please comment answer on one of my most recent quizzes thanks again your brilliant!

  • Yay! You're finally posting on wattpad I'll definitely miss you posting here, but I'm glad that you're still posting! I hope that you'll stay here though and continue to support the rest of us! And maybe I'll post my story on wattpad in the near future! Please continue.to supper us here!!

  • I can't believe I didn't see this until now! I'm so mind-blown that you actually read my quiz! Anyway, I'm ecstatic you're still writing. I'm thinking of writing on Wattpad as well because of the convenience, but we'll see. I've read you're rewritten version there and it's absolutely fantastic!

  • Hey, natuhleegayle, I think it's kinda freaky that you named your new main character Ariella, because I've been working on my own HP fanfic, and my main character's name is Ariel! JSYK, I just now read this, and I've been working on this fanfic since August, sooo... Yeah. I didn't steal it from you.

  • aw... Sorry this is late. I've been like stalking your quizzes before I ever got an account and I'm so sad that you aren't making any more quizzes... I wanted to cry, and I've read to the second book on My Wattpad... I seriously want to cry and I'm going to miss you!

  • OMG! I sooooo have to read go and read the new rewritten series! It sounds really exiting! I absolutely loved your series, and you were my inspiration to start writing my own series, so I'm definitely sure that I will enjoy your new rewritten series! :-)

  • @mcqueen - I didn't say that. I said, I would find someone to post on this site, I didn't say that I would. But since, I didn't find anyone and it's a real nuisance to publish a part on this quiz, I'll just write it on my wattpad. I'm still writing it :P

  • I literally couldn't breath reading this. ILY Nat :} Buutttt, I'll miss you here. I've never heard the name before. You should get your English teacher to read your series, and she or he would be soooo impressed! ;P

  • I think I have an idea, I will use this username, and continue her stories where she left off! I know it won't be as good, but hey, at least I'm trying!

  • You gave me a shout out. Hold on, my heart is beating really fast here. Gah! Nat, I am sooo happy to see you on and yay, HLS :) I guess that everything is going good now XD

  • I'm. Flipping. Out. Just read this and went to read it. NOW. But Wattpad said its servers are down. I. AM. SO. FREAKING. EXCITED..!!!! I love the series!!! Is Oliver still the love interest!? Gahhh!! What's your Wattpad user name!?!?! Mine is Ivadhkov_lovee fan me? GOD!!! When will it be back up!? Stupid Wattpad. -.-

  • I love you! Can you actually make another one on here because I can't get to your wattpad. Thanks!

  • I'm soooooooooo excited! I miss the second person, but oh well, I'm just glad you're writing again!

  • You said you would keep posting on this site

  • Cool! haha :)

  • hey I can't find your username in watt pad.. did you change it? btw I'm in love with "hogward love story"

  • did you change your name?

  • And I've just read this now...wow....Can you say 'epically slow'?


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