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  • too funny. I'm a Jersey girl. Born and raised in the center of the state. It's a fun quiz and quite accurate. funny how I was expecting you to ask if I call the sandwhich a sub, a hoagie or a grinder.

  • Nice! Very accurate- I got the Boston accent. (what the heck? I live in the Southwest US!) But you should add Vermont to list of states with the Boston accent...

  • Whoa!

    I SO do not have a Philly (or Wilmington or Baltimore or whatever) accent.

    Not in any way, shape or form.
    How very funny that you decided I do!

  • Are you NUTZ? ! ? ! ? Quiz says I have a Boston accent! Never been to New England, never lived east of the Rocky Mountains. Something definitely wrong here........

    Lynda Carraher
  • Live in LA and got a pinoy, filipino accent. Hard to shake it as we have a good number here. When in India stay for less, [no urls] - budgeted share accommodations.

  • When I speak english, I speak low, slow, and somewhat like a robot which is a problem cause I speak enlglish to many of my friends and family. Well. I got a Philidelphian accent. I didn't even know about pilidelphia before this.

    Hikaru Katsu
  • They had me exactly right with NY.

    Do people from the central/south actually pronounce all those different words the same way?

  • I was born and raised in Connecticut but I was labeled "Inland North." My accent couldn't possibly be more Connecticut if I tried so, this is quite wrong. :)

  • I have midland accent. makes sense tho, I was born in MA and live there half my life, then moved to NC. I guess my northern and southern accents canceled each other out, lol.

  • Boston accent? How strange. I grew up in Texas and Oklahoma and my mother is from Scotland. I would never have thought I have a Bostonian accent!

  • I used 2 live in michigan, so it makes sense that i have a michigan accent. I went back and said bag didn't rhyme with vague and i got midland, so that probably means my accent is almost gone.

  • It said Southern Accent. And, to the extent Florida is the South, it's correct. I think people way up North in Kentucky have stronger accents than we do.

  • it said i have a midland accent which is like the tv accent. im from new jersey but they probably think we have that long island NEW YORK accent where we say "joizee"...i just want to set the record straight..no one from new jersey talks like that. we have the commercial media accent

  • The test is crap (I have a degree in Linguistics, btw) & says I have a 'midland' accent...erroneous because I've been in S. AZ my entire life & my folks are all from Connecticut!

  • Rated "The Midland." I'm from SoCal, never even been to The Midland. But, It's nice to know that the test confirms what I have always claimed... I do not have an accent.

  • Mine is really off too...not a inland north...never use the word pop except when talking about Rice Krispies...in fact, find the typical Wisconsin "accent" quite grating.

  • wow off by a long shot!

    I don't say pop i say freakin soda. Who calls it pop.

    Ima cali girl.

    Btw calis. aren't valley girls. They don't say like after and before every word.

    Cause omg like he was like and i was like woah. Dude he was like totally hott like.

    Not ever. Idiots!

  • Wow, this quiz is pretty accurate. I got the result midland accent, and I do live in Indiana, so that's evidence that this quiz is spot on.

    N S
  • It said I was from North Central, and that I would often be confused with Canadians, which is bang on, because I am actually a Canadian. It was fun.

  • Okay, i think most of the people who are either from another country or who say they have "X type" accent are not reading the questions right. IF YOU ARE CORRECTLY DOING THE QUESTIONS, IT WILL COME UP RIGHT. Say the freaking word out loud if you have to. you can't ever really hear your own accent, so you can't say "Ah, yes, I TOTALLY have a **** accent." you can't have an accent to yourself. ONLY TO OTHER PEOPLE.

  • Born and raised Colorado, also pegged with Midlands accent ... uh, and by the way, we don't have a region in the US called the Midlands, that's a British thing.

    Worthless quiz.

    colorado cowgirl
  • Someone has no doubt already mentioned this but what about these:

    1) do you pronounce coupon as 'coopon' or 'q-pon'?

    2) do you pronounce vase as 'vahz', 'vaze' or 'vace'?

    3) do you pronounce aunt as 'ant' or 'awnt'?

    4) do you pronounce creek as like 'Greek' and 'peek' or 'crick'?

  • So, I'm actually Maltese, but I don't have an American accent so this guessing for the American accent is still pretty good though!

  • Your Result: The South 84%

    That's a Southern accent you've got there. You may love it, you may hate it, you may swear you don't have it, but whatever the case, we can hear it.

    I'm from Maryland. How'd I get this?????????


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