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  • Soap? :3
    "I lowered my head which resulted to having a nice view of her butt. I grinned and kept looking until I felt a slap on my head. I turned arou..."
  • Soap? :3
    "Name - Zane Age - 17 Looks - dark brown hair which matches his eyes, about 5'10 Personality - humorous, kinda immature "
  • Soap? :3
    "I'm fine w/ either one."
  • Soap? :3
    "that's ok. we can do a romance?? it's up to you."
  • whos still on
  • Random lyrics from songs
    "Selena Gomez - Natrually "You follow what you feel inside it's intuitive you don't have to try it comes natrually.""
  • "Only one person on GTQ knows my password and I know her's."
  • "I wanna see New Year's Eve to. xD"
  • "Actors - Ross Lynch, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, Adam Sandler. Actress- Selena Gomez, Emma R"
  • "Hiya!"
  • "Wait actually now I love Just Dance 3 but LittleBigPlanet is now my 2nd favorite."
  • Hi
    "(I gtg. Bye!)"
  • Hi
    ""I don't know.""
  • Hi
    "Ok I'll start. I was walking in the woods at night."
  • Hi
    "Name: Aimee Gender: Female Age:14 Appearence: Brown long hair,green eyes,wearing black tank top,skinny jeans. Ot"

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