Do u know BigTimeRushs lyrics?

This is to see if u know BigTimeRushs songs.So if u do then take it all ready!!If u don't know who they even are then get off my quiz!!lol well I hoped u will do good!!

Ok this quiz is to see if u know all of BigTimeRushs lyrics to all there songs oh sorry if I didn't list Nothing Even Matters and Stuck I really didn't have time sooo enjoy!!!

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. Till I Forget About You:Dance Hard!Laugh Hard!Turn the music up now!!
  2. Boyfriend:"Now let me take a moment to---
  3. Paralyzed(NEW SONG!)I try to move and I'm stuck in my shoes got me---
  4. If I Ruled The World:I dream outloud everybody get
  5. Ok,I luv the new song here are sum lyrics.Ok?
  6. Paralyzed:U...walked in the room.On a Friday afternoon.So that's
  7. Hehehe one more!Paralyzed: So I see u walkin all u do is pass me bye don't
  8. BigNight:123 all my boys and girls were gonna
  9. Oh Yeah:So tell me who I'm supposed to be
  10. Halfway There:How you ever gonna reach the stars?If
  11. Famous:If you wanna be famous (famous)
  12. Last one...City Is Ours:My My look how we roll whats it a month ago?Everybody said we were dreamin(ooo yeah)Buckle
  13. Comment/Rate?
  14. Why u take this quiz?
  15. Favorite BTR song...(sorry if I don't list ur fav BTR song

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