What do your favorite lyrics say about you?

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Everyone loves music. Why? Because it speaks to everyone in a different way. Maybe it's the beat, or the lyrics or even both. We use music to express ourselves and to evoke emotion.

This quiz is simple. I'm going to name a song and list several lyrics that are in that song. Just pick the one that appeals to you the most. By the end of this quiz, you may just learn something about your personality.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. In case you didn't read the intro, this quiz is simple. I will name a song and you pick your favorite lyric listed. Even if you don't know the song, just pick the one that appeals to you most. Ready? :)
  2. Crush- David Archuleta
  3. She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5
  4. Blind- Ke$ha
  5. No Air- Jordin Sparks
  6. Monster- Skillet
  7. Welcome to Savannah- Breathe Carolina (My current favorite song, by the way.)
  8. Nobody's Home- Avril Lavigne
  9. Stupid Girls- P!nk
  10. Disturbia- Rihanna

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Quiz topic: What do my favorite lyrics say about you?