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    omi_330 Feb 2 '15, 9:50AM
  • What do your favorite lyrics say about you?
    Your Result: You are deep.

    The lyrics you picked were mostly ones that evoke emotion and / or thought. This can mean that you are intelligent, passionate, and sensitive. You also tend to overthink things.
    You are romantic.

    You are pessimistic.

    You are optimistic.

    You are intresting.

    You are mysterious.

    Very true. .o.

    Great quiz

    TheLoveOfBands Nov 21 '14, 8:43AM
  • IDK why I put a pic of Dan eating a banana. xD

    Firey_Soul Nov 1 '14, 9:43PM
  • I got romantic from choosing random answers. XD

    Ice Jul 10 '13, 9:29AM
  • I am interesting:
    "The lyrics you picked were mostly catchy or had something about them that attracts attention. This can mean that you are witty, funny, and people like to be around you. You also have a wide variety of intrests. People can't be bored around you!"

    It is pretty true actually

    RayRay Mar 18 '13, 10:27PM
  • Optomistic.
    Yup! :D pretty true.

    musicdino Dec 25 '12, 10:13AM
  • Romantic...o.o
    I have no clue how to be "romantic" maybe my words of wisdom get to people and they think im err flirting or something? uhh yea xD epic wtf moment

    xSmile4MeLolx Dec 24 '12, 10:49PM
  • I'm deep. Truuee...and I overthink things. Also true. I liked this quiz! It's accurate

    ixheartxu Dec 23 '12, 8:47PM
  • @DarkWolf666 Yeah, maybe. Sorry, I'm not the best at making super accurate quizzes. :P Hope you liked it anyway.

    Firey_Soul Dec 22 '12, 9:54PM
  • Uhh is there some mistake? I got optimistic, and I know I am nothing of the sort.

    DarkWolf666 Dec 22 '12, 3:44PM

  • Your Result: You are mysterious.

    The lyrics you picked were mostly ones that might be slightly confusing but have a hidden meaning. This can mean that you're mysterious, cynical, and hard to figure out. You prefer to keep to yourself and you trust very few.
    Very true :)

    LoneShadowWolf Dec 22 '12, 11:16AM
  • Misterious

    madid Dec 21 '12, 6:27PM
  • I dont have much of a negative attitude but i am a pessimist.

    I have a positive soul and a negative mind.

    XxSophiacxX Dec 21 '12, 3:36AM
  • Optimistic but most of the lyrics I chose were hateful of the world XDD >.> okaeii sounds legit ^^ I am optimistic, if you don't know 'The Monster In Me' XD

    XxdeathangelxX Dec 19 '12, 10:41PM
  • I took the quiz again and got Mysterious... hhhmmmmm....

    SecretlyUnspok3n Dec 19 '12, 10:34PM
  • Pessimistic. Yeah, that's me.

    SecretlyUnspok3n Dec 19 '12, 7:27PM
  • cool quiz

    tigerwolf13 Dec 19 '12, 7:02PM

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