A Magical Love Story!

Hi! This is my first series called A Magical Love Story! So I'll make part two when something pops in my head then I'll write it down then type it on here.

I been wanting to do this forever! But I didn't have any ideas but I'll make some up once I feel like it. Okay so I like kitties, doggies, bunnies, and you know...BYE!

Created by: Abby12

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  1. It was the last day of school, you we're walking home with Josh your best friend.
  2. Josh has wavy dirty blonde hair, dreamy blue eyes, and tan skin.
  3. "So _______, what do you wanna do tonight?" He asked, "I don't know, I can spend the night at your house?" You asked, "Sure" Josh said. You and him we're walking and ended up at his house, you both went inside."_______, you wanna watch a movie or something? Because later I'm having a party." "Okay so what movie you wanna watch?" You asked.
  4. Before he could answer, his 2 friends walked in, one of them we're named Nick and the other one was named Drake, Nick had black wavy hair, green eyes and palesh skin. Drake had brown flippy hair, blue eyes, and tanish skin.
  5. Drake panicked and used his powers to freeze you into a ice cube (you know those huge ones, yeah) "Drake what the hell did you do that for?!" Josh asked. "I don't know I panicked!!" Drake shouts. "Nick unfreeze her!" Josh yelled "Okay! STOP YELLING!" Nick yelled back, "Guys stop yelling at eachother!" Drake shouted.
  6. "DRAKE SHUTUP! NICK UNFREEZE HER!!!" Josh yelled. "OKAY JOSH I WILL IF YOU STOP YELLING AT ME!!" Nick yelled back, "Okay just unfreeze her." Josh said calmly, "Thank you!" Nick said using his powers to unfreeze you, the icecube melted and you we're on the floor, "What just happened?" You asked. "Uh we all have powers then Drake panicked and freezed you then Nick unfreezed you okay?" Josh said. "Ummm.." You said unsure, "Okay _____, you gotta promise not to tell NO ONE! Got it?" Josh asked, "Okay... I'm gonna go home now bye." You said getting up getting your things and walked out the door.
  7. "______ wait! Are you gonna stay for the party?" Josh asked, "Um okay." -why did I say yes?! There freakin crazy! But Josh is my friend so I'll just stay for the party then leave-, you thought.
  8. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry I'll make part two when I have time!
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  10. Bye!!!

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