Who do you love?

HEY! YALL!! this quiz is for my previous quizzez "Is it Love? or Is it Hate?" I want to know which man you want to spend the rest of your life with!!! Michael??? Luke??? or....Robert??? its totally up to you! :D have fun!

WARNING!!!: which ever guy that was voted more will be your true love...even if you didnt vote for "him" ok? good! So.....KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!! you all have one week! Lol

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok yall you is ur true love?? Michael, Luke, or Robert? cuz whichever guy is picked the most will have to be all the ladies true love(even if you didnt pick the guy....deal with it)
  2. why do you want Michael? (skip to next question for Luke)
  3. Why do you want Luke?(skip to next question for Robert)
  4. Why do you want Robert?
  5. How would you like ur wedding day with Michael?(skip to Luke)
  6. How would you like ur wedding day with Luke?(skip to Robert)
  7. How would you like ur wedding day with Robert?
  8. Why do I keep having "the wedding from "Father of the Bride" or "the wedding from Spy Kids" as an option for all three of the boyz you ask? Well both are really beautiful weddings....and i thought you would agree...so if you wanted to be married in one of those ways............well u probably get the picture
  9. so you want a happily ever after with who?
  10. then have a happily ever after with whoever you want!

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Quiz topic: Who do I love?