Is It Love? or Is It Hate? Pt 6

HEY YALL!! First I'd like to say thank you for your support! you all have encouraged me to keep going. And I thank you for that. Welcome to Is It Love? or Is it Hate? Pt 6!!!!

you are now training to be a good secret agent! You are learning very fast! Michael and Luke are very happy, but all three of you are still a bit worried that you guys wont finish the training on time

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. Luke is afraid to say anything to you...but he talks anyway..."___...What have I done...?? I didn't believe you...I yelled at you...*sigh* can i be so stupid?!?" exlaims Luke as he puts his face in his hands. You start to feel a lump in your throat, but you do your best not to show the water forming in your eyes.
  2. You look at Luke and takes his hands away from his face. You then holds his face with both hands..."Luke...hear what I say...You and I have known each other...for about a month now...and the only thing that has been helping us throuh our friendship is love, respect, and care. Even though you didnt believe me, and though you yelled at me, and that even're blaming yourself for what has happened...I am your friend Luke...and nothing can stop me from forgiving you" At and Luke share an embrace...Luke lets go and gives you that charming smile of his. "Thank you___, thank you so much!" he says. "your c'mon let's eat breakfast and help me train haha" you say. "you bet! im starvin!" exclaims Luke.
  3. after breakfast, the three of you head over to the labratory. Michael tells you that this is where you are to know what agent you are to be, and tells you to step into a glass tube. As you step in the glass door shuts behind you. As you stand there you see Luke and Michael getting to work. You start to feel electricity runing through out your body. The feeling becomes stronger and feel like your either gonna pass out or die! but you dont(thank goodness) you step out of the tube and sees Luke's and Michael's face priceless again! you try not to laught but fails to do so.
  4. "hahahah! what's wrong?! do i look bad? hahaha!" you laugh...then you calm down a abit. then you ask again..."OK boyz really...whats wrong?" Michael shows to the full mirror in the right corner of the room....when you look at yourself, you nearly scream!.....the suit is like the one from the movie "Tron:legacy"!!!
  5. Luke walks up to you and says " look amazing in the suit!" Michael nods in agreement. "thanks you two" you say...."So...who's gonna train me first?"
  6. "I will...My mother was an agent and had the same power as you so I can teach you how to use your power with the disc thats on your back" says Luke. "And I will teach you how to avoid NME agents and to be quick to move" says Michael.
  7. you and Luke head over to the training grounds "ok this is how Im going to train you...I will send computerized NME agents to come after you...Don't WORRY they won't hurt you! just slice them with your disc. ok!?" you panic for a minute but you say "Yeah! lets do it!"
  8. So far so so good with the training! WOOHOO!!! Luke is astonished at how you're learning so well and fast! "wow ____!!! You're amazing!" exclaims Luke. "aww thanks" you say. "C'mon we better get washed up. Cuz of the looks of look like a pile of dirt! ahahaha!" laughs Luke pointing out the fact that you were covered in dirt!
  9. After you clean up, you meet Michael in the training grounds..."Ok ____ Im going to help you move quick and avoid objects. Im going to throw small rocks and i want you to dodge them...the better you get the harder its going to be because Im going to switch to bigger rocks and then i will start throwing my daggers at you, and you would have to avoid them also" Michael then sees your horrified face..."dont worry! you can use the disc thats on your back to help you!" you feel realived at that. Now your training begins.
  10. You dodge and avoid the rocks and daggers well...Michael is impressed at how good you are and says "Awesome ____! I'm so proud of you!" then he gives you a hug. "That was great! but now i gotta go clean up again" you say. "haha yeah me too" laughs Michael as you two head back inside.....Cliffhanger!! rate and comment!!

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